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Benefits of taking on an Apprentice

Not only can delivering a talent pipeline improve the quality of candidates occupying roles within an organisation, apprenticeships can offer a huge range of further benefits.

According to the National Apprenticeship Service, around 96% of employers surveyed had experienced at least one benefit from employing an apprentice.

The survey also revealed that employers said:
Apprentices had improved their product 74%
Apprentices had improved productivity 78%
Apprentices had helped to develop skills for their organisation 85%
Employing apprentices had improved retention of staff 67%
Apprentices stay beyond completing their training 65%
Had boosted staff morale 73%

Upskill Existing Staff

An Apprentice does not have to be a new employee, you can enrol any existing staff member onto an apprenticeship. This is to either further their skills in their current job role or enhance their skills so they can take on new responsibilities.

Is my business eligible?

If you are a registered company in the UK or sole trader you are able to benefit from either of these schemes.


To take on an apprentice you must be able to provide:

At least the apprenticeship minimum wage

An apprenticeship term of at least 1 year

The same entitlements as a full time employee

Employers' liability insurance

Opportunity to work with experienced staff to learn job-specific skills


To take on a trainee you must be able to provide:

A safe, meaningful and high-quality work experience placement

A minimum of 70 hours of work experience placement over the duration of the traineeship (if the trainee claims benefits, the placement cannot last longer than 240 hours)

Constructive feedback and advice to the trainee

An interview for an apprenticeship or job in your organisation at the end of the traineeship if one is available

An exit interview at the end of the traineeship with meaningful written feedback if no job is available

What are the next steps?

If you wish to know more or take part in the Apprenticeship or Traineeship schemes, please complete our short form below.            We look forward to speaking to you soon!

We work nationwide

The Apprentice Portal works in partnership with Apprenticeship and Traineeship providers nationwide to bring you the very best schemes available, regardless of your location.

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