Your business is likely to be able to make a sizeable claim due to undisclosed commissions

If you're a business energy customer, you are more than likely to be eligible for compensation. Energy Brokers are mis-selling energy contracts, we want to help you claim back the money you are owed.

How are energy brokers mis-selling?

It is believed that a significant percentage of businesses may have been mis-sold energy contracts by brokers. This can occur through a variety of methods, including the sale of poor value contracts.

Brokers often claim to find the best energy deals for their clients, but in reality, they may only work with a limited number of energy suppliers who offer higher commissions. This means that the client may not be aware that they are not getting the best possible deal, as the broker has not disclosed all of the available options or the true costs of the contract. This lack of transparency can be used to hide the fact that the client is paying more than they would have if they had shopped around for a better deal.


The rise of business energy claims

Energy brokers may not be transparent about how much they earn from contracts, this lack of transparency can result in businesses paying more for their energy contracts. It is important for businesses to carefully review their contracts and be aware of any hidden costs or commissions as this may be fraudulent. If they believe they have been mis-sold an energy contract, they may be able to seek compensation and get back tens of thousands of pounds.

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The Energy Claims panel of solicitors can guide you through your potential claim, our solicitors have experience in financial services and bringing successful claims against energy suppliers who mis-sell energy contracts. By requesting a claim, you automatically become a member of The HQ Club. An all-encompassing business network that gives you, the member, the most exclusive offers that quite simply you won’t find anywhere else. If you think you’ve been mis-sold then you can claim compensation through us, our reputable partners will make sure you get the money you are owed.

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Your business may be owed thousands due to mis-sold energy contracts

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Most frequent questions and answers

It is possible that you may have unknowingly used an energy broker to obtain your energy contract. If this is the case, you may be eligible for compensation due to your energy broker adding undisclosed commissions.

Once you have filled out the application, someone from our membership team will be in contact to ask for more information about your claim. They will also ask you for any other documents needed to get a claim value, but once you have submitted the correct documents, we will get back to you in 1 business day with a claim value. If your claim meets the requirements, then it will be passed onto our partners who will start collecting more evidence to build a claim against your energy supplier.

You will need contract(s) and a bill/invoice from each contract you wish to claim against. Once we get your claim value back, we will then need proof of identification for a director of your company and proof of the directors personal address.

Unfortunately not, as a driving license does not have a date. However, you may use alternatives such as utility bills, credit card statements, lease agreements etc which are within the last 3 months.

Once we verify your documents, it will only take up to one business day to receive a claim value.

You may contact your energy supplier and request a copy of the recorded phone call in which your energy contract was discussed. Energy suppliers are required by law to record all calls and retain them for a minimum of 6 years and you may request a copy of the recording as evidence of the agreement. 

You may be able to recover substantial sums, potentially reaching tens of thousands of pounds, from commissions that were not disclosed to you. These funds can then be used to expand your business and finance new ventures.

If you have the terms and conditions of your contract, or any correspondence with the energy supplier or broker on hand then please submit them with the rest of your documentation. However, if this is not to hand then don’t worry as it is not required at this stage of your claim.

Energy brokers can take various forms, including energy consultantsthird party intermediaries (TPIs), and price comparison websites. According to Ofgem, energy brokers are defined as “organizations or individuals that provide advice related to energy and assist with energy procurement and management.” 

Energy brokers may recommend longer-term contracts in order to receive higher commissions. These commissions may not always be disclosed to the customer and recommending a contract that may not be the most suitable for the customer’s needs could be seen as a breach of fiduciary duty. However, because of this fact it also means that the longer the length of a contract, the higher the opportunity for a claim.


Yes, it doesn’t matter how many quotations you have received, undisclosed commissions are likely to have been applied to the contract.

An initial red flag is your energy broker failed to issue you a full written disclosure of how much they earned from your contract.

Yes, regardless of if your broker saved your money there can still be undisclosed commissions that you may be eligible to receive compensation for.

The compensation varies depending on the specifics of your claim. You will be informed by our partners how much money you can claim and the exact mis-selling that went on.

The majority of business energy claims do not go to court and are instead settled through compensation. However, this is not always the case. If your claim does go to court, your legal service will be there to support you.

TPI is the acronym for ‘Third Party Intermediary’ – An example of this would be an energy broker or an energy consultant

You are at no risk of losing your supply of electricity and claiming will never affect your contract in a way that would put you in a disadvantageous position. However it is possible that contracts MAY be revised to put you in a more advantageous position instead such as paying lower electricity costs. 

The first thing you can do to check, is to look through old emails or messages to see if you can locate any communication with an energy broker. If this fails and you are unable to find any evidence, you can call your energy provider and ask them if you have gone through an energy broker or not.

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